Galaxy Z Flip features and release date (galaxy fold 2)

When rumors started about a new foldable phone, most people began to assume that Samsung would stick to the current name of the Galaxy Fold 2 but Samsung seems to have other plans in place.

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The new leaks indicate that Samsung has named the Galaxy Fold 2 as the Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung says it will hold an open event on February 11 in San Francisco. While Samsung has not decided which phones will be shown at the event, a new foldable phone is supposed to join the Galaxy S20 on the stage, which is likely to be the Galaxy Z Flip.

The phone design should work similarly to the Razr hinge system. This system bends the screen tightly but inside the phone frame, while avoiding the semi-open design of the Galaxy Fold that not only made the phone larger, but also left important internal displays unexposed and vulnerable.

So it is likely, and according to the latest news looming, we expect a new group of Samsung foldable phones in February, which is the expected release date for the Samsung Galaxy s20.

Image credit: LetsGoDigital

Galaxy fold 2 camera - Galaxy Z flip

Unusually, the phone will come with six cameras, three back, one on the front and two on the inside.
Which would be the reasons that would motivate you to buy this super phone.

And according to what is being circulated, the camera in the Galaxy Fold 2 will be almost the same as the Galaxy S20, which is a main camera with a accuracy of 108 megapixels and a 5x optical zoom camera, while some sources mentioned.

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