funny facts about minecraft 2019 -2020

6 facts you don't know about Minecraft and why people are addicted to it.

The game is described by many users as “sandbox”, which means they can create their own experience, Despite the conditions imposed, they are just a virtual landscape where players drill some holes to collect rock masses.
But the next part is what becomes interesting, which is what you do with your blocks after you collect them. This is the part that will take your imagination away, so you can make anything comes to your mind.

But the most important question remains, why people especially children, are addicted to this game?

Here are some strange facts about Minecraft Game.

1. Full simulation of Denmark!

The Danish Geological Data Agency was able to rebuild Denmark within Minecraft,
Four thousand billion pieces of tiles were used. The (forty thousand)40,000-square-kilometer state will be created, emulating its most archaeological buildings, streets, and markets.
The size of the map load to 1 TB! What if the map of the United States is emulated?

2. Inspired by Infiniminer

Did you know that Minecraft is inspired by another game?
the real game called Infiniminer, this game is similar to Minecraft based on digging for different materials from the ground to build your own world.
but Minecraft took the idea and expanded in Everything is enormously stretched. We see that Infiniminer is a much smaller world than Minecraft, and here the copy has outperformed the original.

3. the Most played games on the Xbox Live platform

When you think about what games are most addicted to players.
  Games like Call of Duty and Halo will come to your imagination, but he couldn't get the most played throne.
Let me surprise you, Minecraft for Xbox is superior to all other online games.
  Players spent about 2 billion hours of their lives playing (about 230,000 years).
Microsoft acquired the game and the development studio in a huge deal worth $ 2.5 billion.
after this deal, the developer has said: "business became unjustified when you have all the money!".

5. the fact of the figure Creeper

“Creeper”. It's an electronic monster, but the stranger about this character that it was not in the plans of "Notch", but it was, in fact, a programmatic error.

6. the biggest spaceship in the game

The largest spacecraft made in Minecraft is a redesign of the Galactica Starship, which took almost four and a half months to be built.
It consists of five million stones and was seen by approximately 74 thousand users.

If you come across strange things in the game, put them in the comments, and I will collect them for you in a video.

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