Random immigration lottery to America ( Usa)

(Update: In 2019 a decision was made to require the applicant to enter a valid passport number and data to be able to complete the application process. )

The Diversity Visa or Lutheran Program is a program approved in 1990 to provide 55-50,000 visas annually to enter and reside in America by random lottery by computer. The program aims to diversify the immigrant population of America and target countries with a low immigration rate. For the last five years, permanent residence permits its holders to work, study or live in the United States and then to obtain US citizenship after five years of permanent residence.

The only way to apply for the Random Immigration Program is by filling out and sending the free online form available on the US Department of State website during the registration period, which extends for about a month each year from October 4 to November 7, 2005, with results announced. In May of the following year of application.

Usa Random immigration Features:

  1. The cheapest and easiest way to stay legally in the United States, where the application is completely free through the government website and then after winning the visa costs of the US Embassy in the range of $ 330 with some other expenses "medical examination and translation of some documents" that will not exceed $ 150 other than travel and residence expenses.
  2. The cheapest and easiest way to obtain US citizenship after five years of your permanent residence "Green Card" provided that you do not leave the United States more than half of the period "two and a half" for five years.
  3. You get all the privileges enjoyed by the American citizen except the right to vote in the elections "work, education, health insurance, financial support for low-income people, get loans to study and start a business." the conditions: Nothing is required except that the person applying for the program is from one of the countries allowed to participate in the immigration program during the year of application "and all countries in the Arab world are allowed", and also to obtain a high school diploma or the equivalent of a qualification of study and the person must be at least 18 years old In other words, he does not require his ability to speak English, no money in his bank account, or even relatives in the United States. How to apply: The official and only site to apply for the Migration Program are: https://www.dvlottery.state.gov Any other site is not valid and will not be credible, and the site will be closed throughout the year and can be submitted only when the registration begins at the beginning of October of each year and for a month thereafter. data: All required data, such as full name, number, and names of unmarried minor family members under the age of 21, should be provided even if none of them wish to emigrate, while excluding married children or children over the age of 21 should also be excluded, if your spouse has children under 21 One year of previous marriage must be mentioned in the application as well, and one email can be used to apply for several different individuals. For married couples, this must be clearly stated and they can submit two separate forms in the name of husband and wife to have two chances to win instead of just one. Photos of all applicants: It should be “no more than six months old” with a white background without sunglasses or colored lenses, with dimensions of 5 x 5 - 600 x 600 pixels and size less than 240 KB, with the dimensions of the face from 2.5 to 3.5 cm from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin, and requires clarity of the face and ear for men, and for women veiled; veil should not hide any features of the face, and requires that no adjustment of the image editing programs. Of course, the site will not allow the download of a different image in terms of the required dimensions (600 * 600 pixels and size less than 240 KB), but can not distinguish between the content within the image in terms of other requirements, so it is advisable to go to a specialized photography studio to take the picture. What are the reasons for rejection:
  4. The most common reason in which many applicants are located is to submit more than one application with the same name, which leads to the rejection of the application immediately.
  5. Do not enter data correctly, or omit to mention certain data.
  6. Inability to complete the required documents within the required time, or the inability to travel within six months of obtaining the visa after the interview without providing a convincing reason to the US Embassy in your country.
  7. The image does not meet the required requirements.
  8. Failure to pass the medical check-up on HIV / AIDS, Tuberculosis and Syphilis with other vaccinations. Application Steps: You enter the random migration site which is: https://www.dvlottery.state.gov In time to apply and then complete the data "which is easy to register" and keep the confirmation number to know if you have won or not through the same site, and if you lose this number you can get it by entering your e-mail you registered. Explanation of the questions of the full random immigration form:
  9. Full name consists of (last name/surname last name - name of the person/applicant first name - father's name middle name) and preferably enter the name as written in the passport, in the absence of a passport during submission is saved the way of writing names Then issue a passport with the same names and the way they are written.
  10. Date of birth: day / month / year The date of birth must be spelled correctly because it cannot be modified.
  11. Gender: Male / Female
  12. City of Birth: Oran, Sfax, Rabat or Amman, for example.
  13. Country of birth Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, or Sudan, for example.
  14. Country eligible to participate in the Migration Program: The country of eligibility is different from where you reside. If the applicant claims to belong to a country other than the country of birth, this information must be specified in the immigration application as follows: Question: Is your country of birth eligible? Example (your country is Algeria, which is eligible, so choose "Yes" and do not answer the following question) If not, you must choose a qualified country (this is in the case that you are from a country that is not eligible, but you reside in an eligible country, for example, choose the name of the country you are currently residing in, for example, an Algerian born in Kuwait or a Tunisian born in Saudi Arabia) Also for Palestine, if you were born in Gaza then choose "No" in the first section of the question and then choose Egypt, as well as for the citizens of the West Bank choose "No" in the first section of the question and then choose Jordan.
  15. Advanced image: The details have already been explained. In this field, only the applicant's photo is uploaded while the wife and children are uploaded later.
  16. Mailing Address: Address "Building number and street name" / Town / City / Postal code "You can remember it does not exist" It is recommended that you write the title correctly, but it does not matter as the result will be announced via the submission site itself, but the address will be recorded in the database.
  17. Current Place of Residence: You type the address you currently reside in.
  18. Phone Number: (my choice)
  19. E-mail address: This is very important. You will be able to retrieve your order confirmation number if you lose it by entering your registered email address. Remember that you will not receive any messages from the US Immigration Department informing you of your victory, but you can follow your status after winning by sending messages to the Department of Immigration.
  20. What is the highest academic qualification you have obtained to this day ?: You must choose one of the following which represents the highest qualification achieved: (1) The level of secondary education is “still studying and not yet graduated”. (2) High school degree "I graduated from high school and got the certificate". (3) vocational school "graduates of industrial, commercial and agricultural schools" (4) Some university courses "I graduated from the Institute of two years" (5) University degree "I graduated from the university and got your degree." (6) Master degree "I got a master's degree". (7) PhD degree. 13.Social Status: Single, married, divorced, widowed, or legally separated: If you are married you will write married and you will be redirected to another page to write the wife's data and upload her image on your application and the same way for the wife if she is the form and remember that you must write all the data for your family even if some of them did not want to travel because hiding any data makes her rejected For example, "be married and write single", while if a widow or widow does not write the data of the wife or husband deceased, as is the case if legally separate do not write the details of the wife or husband separate.
  21. The number of children: Applications must include the name, date, and place of birth of the wife and all legal children, as well as all legally adopted children and children of unmarried spouses under the age of 21 at the date of application, if you apply online for a Migration Visa before your unmarried child reaches 21 years old, and the child is 21 years old before the visa is issued will be given a visa and considered just like you.
  22. Spouse Data: Failure to include spouse data will result in the removal of the principal applicant's application and the rejection of the visa application on the day of the interview. You must include your spouse's data even if you plan to divorce before applying for a visa.
  23. Children's data: Name / Date of Birth / Gender / Country of Birth / City of Birth / Photo. Then review the data and submit the application to get the confirmation number confirmation number, which is very important and does not consider that you have completed your application and submit the form without it, so you should keep it and review the site on the first of May of the year following the registration to see whether you win, so register the number Or keep a copy of it on your device. Required papers if you win:
  24. Advanced photos and all traveling family members
  25. Birth certificates translated
  26. Secondary school certificate translated (and any study certificate after translation)
  27. For married couples "marriage contract interpreter"
  28. "Certificate of good conduct" translator
  29. A certificate of military service translated for young people
  30. Localized certificate of experience (if any)
  31. Passport photos The required papers must be certified. Frequently.

Asked Questions:

Q: Does the State Department or the Random Immigration Program announce the winners online or send an e-mail to the winners?

A: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Random Immigration Program Center does not announce any names on the Internet or send them any e-mails to them. You only know that you are a winner on the program website which will notify you when you enter the confirmation number you received at the time of registration.

Q: If I win, will the interview at the Embassy be in English?

A: No, interviews are conducted in Arabic in Arab countries.

Q: If I am married and win the immigration program, can I travel alone?

A: Of course you can travel alone as a first stage to prepare for the arrival of the rest of the family, and the family can then catch up with you provided that this is during the visa period of six months

. Q: I don't have any certificates. Do I still have a chance to apply?

A: Progress in informal immigration requires a high school diploma or its equivalent (ie, 12 years of public education).

Q: Is winning this migration guaranteed?

A: Of course not, the choice in random immigration is a completely random choice and the chances of all applicants are equal and there is no guarantee to win especially given a large number of applicants, but there is a guarantee to enter the ballot itself as too many applicants fail to enter the ballot due to errors in the form Progress.

Q: I am an Arab citizen living outside my country. Can I apply?

A: Of course you can apply while you are anywhere in the world knowing that the embassy interview will be in the country of eligibility, ie the country of nationality, "unless you have an excuse that prevents you from completing the interview in your home country."

Q: What will I benefit if I win the lottery and immigrate to America?

A: Winning immigration means getting a Green Card, the legal right to reside in the United States.

Q: Will I win if I traveled and will be providing business to me?

A: No job opportunities are created by the government in the United States, and those who win immigration must manage themselves before traveling there.

Q: I am engaged and have not married yet, can I offer my fiancée with me?

A: The fiancé or fiancée cannot be included with the main applicant, ie they can only apply as a family after marriage, but each can submit a separate form and if one of them wins the other party after the marriage is completed.

Q: Can you apply for the program who is in the United States ?!

A: Yes, you can apply to the program who is in the United States or in any other country allowed.

Usa Lottery Program Numbers:

Approximately 50 million applicants around the year.

The number of applicants from the Arab world is close to ten million.

In 2005, the US House of Representatives submitted a draft resolution calling for the abolition of the indiscriminate immigration program on the grounds that "terrorists could use the program to enter the United States to plan terrorist attacks against US interests," but the bill was rejected. Important Warning: There are usually some sites that help subscribers to register their data for submission, but this does not help increase the likelihood of winning in any way and the US State Department warns of the need to beware of these services and always prefer that the person apply for himself, and some other sites create Fake websites claiming a green card and requesting the transfer of funds to bank accounts or periodically sending emails to people randomly for fraud.

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