best apps to save and prolong smartphone battery life.

Here is a list of the best Android apps to keep your battery for a long time, and that will help you overcome the double battery problem that many users face.
So we tested many of them, and we prepared the best apps on this list.

These applications will help you overcome the problem of battery charging speed, especially when using a 3G data or 4G connection or using some apps or games for a long time ( like Pubg Or Fortnite).
these applications can reduce this large consumption.

1. DU Battery Saver App

DU Battery Saver is the world's leading application for battery power consumption, power management and Android processing.

It's a free app that provides power consumption to increase battery life. You can increase the battery life of Android phones and tablets by as much as 50%! With pre-defined intelligent battery power management modes.
One-Touch controls and the proper charging stage features of the DU Battery Saver application, battery life can be increased, and problems resolved.

Download DU Battery Saver App For Android

2. Battery Doctor ( Power Saver) App

This battery-saving application shows approximate battery life like many similar applications, also helps you to develop battery life with Battery Saver.
You can't only know the remaining time of your battery, but you will even know how much The battery will run out of time to do some operations.

3. Greenify App

Greenify is An excellent application that blocks applications you choose in the background to extend the life of your battery.

This Application has an excellent interface that's easy to use. It also supports the functioning without a root and with.

Greenify app will work correctly and completely, also has additional phases of work, running on Android Noga only.

The application is completely free with the possibility to donate $ 3 to its manufacturers, just if you want.

Download Greenify App For Android

4. Battery Optimizer & Widget App

Despite the name of the app that suggests you as a "widget" no more, it is much more. At first, the application already offers a beautifully designed Holo designed widget that provides the battery status in a customizable circle so that you can select the information you want to display in widgets on the home screen, and can zoom in and out to choose the right measurement for you (Android 4.0 and above).

But aside from the Widget, the app itself offers a broad and useful set of battery information that exceeds the charge rate. It provides the statistics, temperature, time expected to finish the battery power and the time it needs to be recharged by 100%. The so-called average long-term stats is the long-term data collected so that after receiving enough statistics, the app can provide approximate information about how long your phone's battery typically lasts depending on your usage.

Download Battery Optimizer & Widget App For Android

5. Avast Battery Saver App

One of the essential features on the Avast Battery Saver application is that it's simple and easy to use.

the company relied on this component in the design of the application, with the click of a button will Avast Battery Saver will accelerate your phone to the maximum degree while saving battery charge and increase its long-term life.

The application relies on cutting-edge technologies to stop applications and applications running in the system background that deplete both hardware and RAM resources.

Download Avast Battery Saver App For APK

6. 360 Battery Saver Plus App

With battery time control, power saving mode and battery charging time reducer, 360 Battery Saver helps your phone keep batteries plus all the time.

Under battery monitoring time, detects what application is wasting your battery power and also tells you which one of them should be killed and thus save battery power.

Under power saving mode, all applications can drain the battery in the background with a single click.

As the battery charging time reducer, it reduces battery consumption during charging.

Download 360 Battery Saver Plus App For Android

7. GSam Battery Monitor App

The application is just for alerting and notification and not for increasing the capacity or size of the battery.
Isn't an app to clean up viruses and data remnants as some other applications claim.

Download GSam Battery Monitor App For Android

8. AccuBattery App

With the AccuBattery app, you can perform a comprehensive test on your battery and see how fast battery consumption, battery efficiency and destruction of each use are on your phone.

Download AccuBattery App For Android

9. Servicely App

One of the outstanding applications in maintaining the phone battery.
Servicely works like other applications to stop other applications in the phone background.

The application interface is excellent and will not bother you in any way.
The application gives you full control over the choice of apps along with other features to help you stop the most significant number of background processes that consume your smartphone's battery.

The app is free and you can get the full version of it at $ 4.49 within the app.

Download Servicely App For Android

10- yellow battery app

yellow battery Is a great application that increases battery life by up to 50%.

Also shows the time of battery usage and analyse this time and know which apps consume more time of the battery and works to improve the battery and reduce consumption through the optimisation button and presents, Also details, and information about the phone battery and there are more features we will let you know yourself.

Download Yellow Battery App For Android


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