best learning apps for kids ( preschoolers ) and give your children the knowledge to help them in the future. all applications are available for free on the google play store and iTunes store ( android and IOS ).

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more porous in our lives and our children's lives.

Kids are becoming more open to modern technologies and They use tablet devices efficiently and without any difficulties in using different apps and games.

Using smartphones and others devices can be used to teach children new things about education and give them the knowledge that will help them later, through many educational applications that we will review some of them during this article.
So Do you want to know the best learning Apps For kids?

1- Quick Maths App

Quick Maths app is also aimed at making kids familiar with numbers, imparting the general math skills of students in grades age 2 to 6.

Quick Maths is the best option for self-improvement and increases kids skills to tackle the difficulties and challenges of numbers.

Download Quick Maths App For Android device

2- ABC Mouse app

ABCmouse app is a common learning program that includes math, reading, art, music, sense and more for children aged between 2 to 8 year.

Created by experts teachers and educators, it has vast exciting Learning Activities +9000 for children at all academic levels.( nonprofit, it's For Free ).

Download ABC Mouse app For IOS device

Download ABC Mouse app For Android device

3- Starfall app

The Starfall application provides extensive free activities.
Members have access to the full content within this app on their mobile devices as well as the www.starfall.com website from their computer.

Young children will have fun math, learning reading, etc. Starfall offers a variety of activities for children in pre-k through first grade, plus second-grade math.

4- Monkey Math ( School Sunshine ) app

Join your child's favourite monkey in math games and activities in a playfully designed beach-themed world.
Your child will count, add and sort their way through engaging games with uninterrupted play.

Monkey Math School Sunshine app allows your child to build fundamental math skills while they play games.
For ages 3 to 6.

Download Monkey Math app For IOS device

5- Handwriting Without Tears app

This is one of the best apps that helps you to teach a kid how to type letters well and in a fun way.

Handwriting Without Tears app has huge activities for learning younger aged between 3 to 11 Capitals, Numbers & Lowercase …. and more.

An audio coach gives instructions while step-by-step visual examples appear. After kids complete a letter or a number three times, they earn a colourful letter card that's displayed on-screen.

Download Handwriting Without Tears app For IOS device

6- Marble Math Junior app

parents need to know that Marble Math Junior app is a younger kids version of the excellent math app.

Like its counterpart, Marble Math Junior is an ingenious app that combines a marble maze game with math word problems.

Since this version is for early readers, players can hear the problems read aloud by touching the words at the top of the screen.

now Lots of customization options and new, unique marble rewards make this game effective, sticky, and tons of fun.

Download Marble Math Junior app For IOS device

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