How to restore hacked page on facebook

hacked Facebook page has become one of the biggest problems for Facebook support team recently Where we are seeing a large number of Facebook users complain about taking their page on Fb.

Of course, hackers want to steal your page to profit through the new program of Facebook 'Ad Break', through which they can make money from the videos you posted on the page.

How was my facebook page hacked?

The theft of pages has never been because of the hacker's intelligence, but It was because of you And because of your inadequate privacy protection on the Internet.

The hacker analyses your protection, and If it's weak, it will significantly help them to take your account and take your page Easily.

1- Stealing pages by Email

It's one of the most used methods Where the hacker tries to access your email account which is linked to your Facebook account, and then they recover the Fb account by email and changes the login information.

Then he adds himself as an owner of the page he wants to steal, and remove you as an admin.
So you must make your email more secure.

Steps to make your Gmail secure from hacking

2- Stealing Pages with malware

And this is the dangerous way because the hacker can control your computer and make changes As he likes, ( This is what happened to me recently :'(.
How do I know if my device has Malware?
It 's tough to find malware if it has been installed in your system and even that you contain an AntiVirus, So when you download anything from the Internet, you should know the download source and if this website is safe and accurate.

But there are some indicators through which you can know if your computer has viruses, including:

  • Login from other devices to your Gmail account.
  • Login from another device and another place on your Facebook account.
  • websites password changed.
  • Use more data than usual.
  • Popup Ads.
  • Turn off the antivirus software.
  • Move the cursor on its own.
  • Redirect you to different websites.

Now we will talk about how to restore your Facebook page if it's hacked And you found yourself remove as an admin.

How To Recover hacked Fb page?

All you have to do is visiting this link and Fill in the form
Through which you can retrieve any page you created, Even if the hacker did all the things to prevent you to recover the facebook page.
Just Follow With Me This Steps.

chose your facebook page Then click the send button and you will be redirected automatically to facebook support inbox

After that, the facebook support team they will email you on your Facebook account and your linked email account And will be deleted the hacker and add you again as an admin.

Be sure you will retrieve your page certainty with this way. 

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  1. This solution doesn't work. I recently got kicked out of a page I created and was chief admin. I added other admins and one of them got their Facebook account hacked into and this was used to remove me. I have gone to that page you have posted above but there is a message saying

    "You have no eligible admined pages."

  2. This is because you are not the person who created the page.
    You Must Be The creator of the page to restore it.
    so if you know who is the page creator you can contact him to use this way and I guarantee you that this way work 100%.
    good luck. ♥

  3. I had followed your step, but I don't get the email. What happens?

  4. visit this link and select your page then, Fill in the form.

  5. How long will it take the Facebook Security Team to get back to me?

  6. Between 12h and 2 days

  7. I am the person who created my FB page and the hacker now has control over it. He/she removed me as an admin and I cannot access it. When I follow the steps above, I get a message that says "you have no eligible admin pages."

  8. Good morning,
    If your page was hacked and you are the creator of this page you are able to do this steps, else you can't do it.
    Try to put your problem on the Facebook help community and you may get a response.
    Good luck 🌹.

  9. Hi Kameraddine,

    I'm the only one who created the page and now I was hacked I was degraded from admin to Analyst. I cannot promote myself or remove my account from the page. And after I try your link. It returned “you have no eligible admin pages.”. I have 4 pages that is belong to me and I created it but don't have any of it appears.


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