how to Download Pubg Mobile lite game android for ordinateur [ pc ] ( Tencent games) [ mobile lite apk for pc ]

PUBG MOBILE TO PUBG LITE what is the difference between

PUBG game became one of the great Android (apk) games that imposed itself in the arena after a short time, unlike other games.

they come in a new style of games which is the style of the Battle Royale. through the match joins and 100 other players to the arena in a specific place, Gather as many weapons as possible, protect your self, and try to survive and kill others to escape to the end.

Pubg was available on the smartphone to play free ( APK ).
And then released a version of it's own paid on the Steam platform for $ 29.99 ( you can buy and play), but the components of the game on the computer is huge.

which made many players in the middle class are heading mainly to Use some other ways to play the phone version on the computer.
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A few months ago, the game developer Tencent Gaming announced a new version about the game, and that will be named PUBG Lite. ( you can create an account easily without needed to use a Vpn).

PUBG Lite will allow all players to play the game on their computers in a lighter and faster way.

This news had raised a great joy in the hearts fans of this app and maybe watched by some close watch before the company announced the launch of the version of PUBG Lite.

But only to the State of Vietnam in principle and some Asian countries, and you have to want to play using the best VPN, but today and now, You can officially and without the need to any VPN to play PUBG Lite version around the word ( battlegrounds ) on your computer and your country officially.

Before we give you the link to install and play pubg mobile lite for Pc, here is some information you should know, start with the necessary game components that you must include in your computer to ensure that the PUBG Lite version is running on your computer:

  • For minimum operating systems, your computer must have at least 4GB of RAM, Windows 7, 8 or 10 64bit, Intel Core i3 2.4Ghz, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 4 GB at least.
  • At least 8 GB RAM, Windows 7, 8 or 10 64bit, Core i5 2.8GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD 7870, and more. 4 GB hard disk space.
  • You will also need to install Microsoft Visual C ++, .NET Framework 4.5.2 and, of course, Direct X 11.

Download Pubg Lite For Computer Here ( Downloaded LINK)

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