google adsense approval trick and requirements

Today we will see 15 conditions that help you for accepting your website in the Google Adsense program surely and quickly, Whether you have a free domain (Blogspot) or Paid domain.

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There are Several questions that every website owner asking about " how Google Adsense accepted me? what are the conditions to do? how many visits and articles I need? and many questions that don't have a specific answer ".

Be sure that if you apply these Terms as I will present to you
Your blog or website will be accepted in Adsense easily and in a concise time.

1. Content must be exclusive and not copied

that's mean, don't copy articles for other sites and put them on your website Without adding any value to it, Try to make all your topics exclusive and your's.

If you would like to copy a topic for another blog, try to read understand it Then write it in your own way.

2. Number of words

Google Adsense didn't define the number of words needed in the article if is it 300 or 500 or 1000 word.
  But according to the experience of people and according to the statistics of The pioneer's websites in the search engine optimisation, The number of words must be between 500 words to 2000 words.

3. Number of Articles published

The average number of topics until you will be accepted in Adsense must be between 15 and 30 subjects.  

Of course, there are exceptional cases for example:
You can be accepted only with five topics and can be rejected by 100 topics.
 That's because of the quality of the articles you publish.
" your content is a King ".

4. Template must be responsive and compatible

The template you choose for your website must be responsive to all devices " Phones, computers, tablets …etc.".
Your template must also be related to your content, such as news template, sports, games, tech ...etc.

For example, don't put a sports template and your topics talk about politics Or an English template, and your post was written in French.

5. Keep away from copyright

This is a key factor in your acceptance or refuses with Adsense, So try to stay away from everything that has copyright, Whether a picture, music, video, program, games, etc.

6. Don't Share Serials or cracks ( Keygen )

Share and exchange cracks and serials programs It's considered an infraction, and Google AdSense does not authorise this.

so don't try to publish them on your blog Because it will undoubtedly be the main reason for rejecting your website.

7. site Domain trust 

Domain Url has a significant role in winning the trust of Adsense But doesn't mean that if you send with a free domain (Blogspot) you will not be accepted, it just helps you speed up the admission process.
 So try to buy a paid domain.

8. Privacy policy, Contact Us & About Us

Recently the ' privacy policy and contact us and About Us pages ' they have become one of the necessary conditions that must be available on your website.

So, don't forget to create a privacy policy and contact us and About Us pages on your site.

9. Age of the website

Your website should not be new.
That's mean, don't submit an application to join Adsense and your website is ten days old for example.
  According to my experience, the website duration should be between one and two months old at least.

10. Number of site visits

Site traffic is not essential for you to be accepted. but it's important to get money.

So try to get & bring traffic to your blog ( visits from Facebook visits, YouTube, Twitter, search engine etc ). because it's the main reason to get paid from Google Adsense.

11. Buying Visits ( Traffic ) to the website

Buying visits to your website is a reason why you will be rejected on the Google Adsense program. If you've made a simple analysis, you'll find that this type of website depends on search engines and social media visits.
So Why this website does not support themselves?

12. Images must be of high quality and not stolen

As we know, images are considered to be copyrighted objects.
So try to create your personal pictures and be of high quality.

It should not have been stolen.

13. Be Ready

There are some people who post a lot of topics then they submit to Adsense and wait for the response without having to do anything on their website, and This is a mistake.

The Adsense agents are well aware of the site's movements and whether the owner publishes or is stopped.
So don't stop posting.

14. Do not post topics that violate AdSense policy

Adsense has set several conditions that you must consider in your topics, including " porn & killing topics, torture and drugs …etc" because it will cause the closure of your account permanently.

Read Adsense Policy here :

15. Don't put any other ads

Adding ads on your website for another company beyond Google Adsense ads will undoubtedly be the main reason for your rejection.
So don't try to put other advertisements.
These are almost all the conditions you must follow to be accepted in Adsense surely.

Just try to do it.

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