Best 10 travel apps For Android And Ios ( iPhone )

The decision to travel whether for work or tourism in the past requires a lot of steps that take your time and effort, especially the tourist guide, but Now with the appearance of modern devices "smartphone, GPS, laptop …etc." it is easy to reserve a plane ticket or a room in any hotel around the world.

In addition to the guidelines that help you to reach the tourist attractions of the country, And give you a summary of the history of the place, As well as the best restaurants, shopping places, metro station …Etc.
But have you thought about taking smartphone equipment?

In this post, I will give you the best, and the necessary apps that help you when you travel Whether a trip to work or a trip to tourism.

1- Tripcase app

The TripCase app makes it easy to follow your trips easily and organised and shows you everything about the trip and updates, moment by moment.
Sometimes outperforms the official flight applications. For example, if there is a change in the portal or any problem.

With TripCase application you can add your hotel information or any information you need During your travel, You can also share it with anyone travelling with you.

TripCase is available on IOS & ANDROID devices.

Get Tripcase For IOS Here

Get Tripcase For Android Here

2- Kayak app

The Kayak app helps you compare prices in many websites
to get the best price for trips, hotels, car rental and more.

The beautiful thing about this app is that it sends you a notice in case of a discount on a specific trip, also gives you essential information such as ticket number, airport gate number and other reports.

Kayak has several exclusive offers You can't find it in any other application.

Kayak is available on IOS & ANDROID devices.

Get Kayak For IOS Here

Get Kayak For Android Here

3- Wifi Map app

The most thing you need when travelling is the Internet
You can't dispense with it, Here lies The purpose of this application.

With Wifi Map and after finding your location, It shows you all available Wi-Fi networks near you with the password.

Of course, wifi map relies on users to give you the network password.
Thus you can save your network data consumption which you can use it in public places.

Wifi Map is available on IOS & ANDROID devices.

Get Wifi Map For IOS Here

Get Wifi Map For Android Here

4- OpenTable app

Open Table App specialises in restaurants, and His feature is that you can reserve a table at any restaurant you want and in a different country you travel, You can define the number of people, the time and the day you want.

You can also see the menu and the prices.

Another feature available on the Open Table App that you can classify restaurants as you need, Whether food type or appropriate.

OpenTable is available on IOS & ANDROID devices.

Get OpenTable For IOS Here

Get OpenTable For Android Here

5- Musement app

Before you travel you always want to have an idea of the country you will go to From places of tourism, restaurants and others and that's The Musement app idea.

Musement offers you various and famous tourist places. Also, you can find historical landmarks of the country.

Plus, you can search for any activity you want to do during your trip.

this app is excellent and very helpful, you can find on it accurate and detailed information.

Musement is available on IOS & ANDROID devices.

Get Musement For IOS Here

Get Musement For Android Here

6- Sunday Drive app

Sunday Drive makes you aware of all your movements within the country such as landmarks, museums, waterfalls, and everything about where you go.
The application also helps you get to your destination directly without wasting time.

Sunday Drive is available only on ANDROID .

Get Sunday Drive For Android Here

7- TripIt app

This application organises all your steps from reservations, traffic lines and travelling from place to place.

all you have to do is Download TripIt app to your smartphone and follow the steps.

TripIt is available on IOS & ANDROID devices.

Get TripIt For IOS Here

Get TripIt For Android Here

8- Foodspotting app

It's one of the best travel applications to select restaurants when you feel hungry. You can use the Foodspotting app to get a list of the best restaurants that offer your favourite dishes.

It also shows pictures of the most popular dishes and places to get them.
(the best, and closest offers.)

Foodspotting is available on IOS & ANDROID devices.

Get Foodspotting For IOS Here

Get Foodspotting For Android Here

9- Skyscanner app

Skyscanner offers you everything you need while you travel. Wherever you go, you'll have all the information about it from the best airfares with the support of Google Flights, hotel rates and the best car rental places.

Each month, Skyscanner offers a lot of travel suggestion that will provide you with all the information about flights as well as a list of affordable destination flights.

Get Skyscanner For IOS Here

Get Skyscanner For Android Here

10- Airbnb app

Airbnb app allows you to stay in a residential apartment with a resident for your destination.

this amazing app recently added a service called "Trips" that provides you to agree with a local guide to obtain the best experience in the country.

Get AirbnbFor IOS Here
Get Airbnb For Android

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  1. Amazing article. Nice collection of all travel apps.all apps are nice. I mostly use the Skyscanner and Sunday drive. very informative and helpful article. everyone should read your blog. Thanks for this wonderful piece of article and keep posting.

  2. All list of top apps to help traveling is well, among them, Tripcase is the best especially its on 1 no, and due to is peculiarities. however, traveling has become major economical part and its became very complicated due to other complicated services, well done on this article.


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