Free online courses to learn Artificial Intelligence

We live in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IVIR), where artificial intelligence plays an important role.
This technology has become interesting societies and even the human body, everyone should be familiar with AI and learn this advanced technology.

Usually, your mind goes to giant robots when you hear about Artificial Intelligence (AI), The artificial intelligence field consists more than robots, such as personal assistants, self-driving vehicles, learning, cloning behaviour, and more. You should Learn about this advanced technology with online learning resources that deliver great content to start using artificial intelligence.

so, In this post, we will talk about the best online course where you can learn artificial intelligence for free.

1- Learn Artificial Intelligence With Google

Google is one of the first AI users they have much to offer to learners.

Learn AI with Google is a learning platform for people in deferent levels of experience. It's free to access and browse content.

Google's learning resources are automated learning experts. These resources are a set of tutorials, practical exercises that help you to begin learning, building, and problem-solving.

 Learn AI with Google course

2- Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques - Stanford University

Stanford University offers great content that includes topics, videos, assignments, projects and exams.

This course focuses mainly on complex problems in the real world and attempts to find solutions such as speech recognition, facial recognition, automatic translation, self-driving, and automated scheduling.

With Stanford course, you will learn the basic principles of artificial intelligence and implement some AI systems.

Stanford University AI Course

3 - Deep learning of self-driving cars (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology course provides a practical overview of Deep Learning and artificial intelligence.

This is a course for beginners, as well as for people who have started learning Deep Learning. The course also offers many benefits to experienced and advanced researchers in the field of deep learning.

This MIT course takes people on an inward learning journey with the theme applied to build self-driving cars.

Deep learning Course

4- California University - UC Berkeley AI Course - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

This course is specified for beginners who They have no idea with artificial intelligence.

Doesn't require any experience of the computer to learn AI. UC Berkeley allows anyone to learn this course for free.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course.

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