Find and Enter Social Media giveaway contest ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...etc.) and increase your chance to win .

Do you need to enter several giveaways contests and increase your possibilities to be the winner and get some cut gifts?.
There are daily competitions where people win and receive helpful prizes like " Xbox, smartphone, money, gift cards….etc".
So you wish to win one among them?.

Many influences on social media create and supply giveaway contest to their followers " YouTube contests, Facebook contests, and Instagram contests ….etc",

they choose the winners randomly according to the conditions of the competition.

durring this post, I will show you how I find and participate in different giveaways competitions.

Ways To Find Current Giveaways Online And For Free.

1- Find Current Giveaways on YouTube

There are several competitions held daily on YouTube and you can participate in simple steps.
For example, if you participated 20 times a day, it is possible to be the

winner of one of them and thus you will increase your chances.

First, What you have to do is:

1- Open youtube and search for Giveaway.

giveaway search on google

2- make Video filtering and select " this week " or " today ".

giveaway youtube filter

3- You'll see all the online videos that contain contests.

giveaway video

4- You can enter the lottery in many videos according to you, All you have to do is meet contest rules.

5- ( Competitions rules vary in each video )

2- Find Current Giveaways on instagram

Instagram became one of the best Social Media A lot of users of other social media ( ex: facebook ) are moving and going to Instagram.

so, In our subject today, how can you find and enter various contests on Instagram.

There is one way you can use it to find contests Which is Hashtags.

Find Current Giveaways on instagram Hashtags Search

giveaway instagram

There are several Hashtags to get contests And vary by country

giveaway instagram

so if you are from the United Kingdom you should search with:

  • #competition hashtag for united kingdom people.
  • For United States users, try to use #contest.
  • Canada and Australia you can also try #loopgiveaway.
  • #giveaway, #giveawaystime Can be used internationally.
  • Also, you can search with #win to see the contest result.
  • Just Follow any giveaway #hashtags and you received notifications.

When you find a contest on Instagram, open the image to read competition rules.

3- Find Current Giveaways on instagram on twitter

Twitter is one of the world's most popular sites that Famous use it, So you will find many value contests to enter on Twitter.

The way to find a contest on Twitter is the same way on instagram, (Hachtags).

giveaway twitter

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use some hashtags that are similar to contest word . check this list :

  • #competition
  • #contest
  • #contests
  • #win
  • #giveaways
  • #giveawaystime
  • #giveawaycontest

giveaway twitter

You don't need to register a new account to search on twitter, if you don't have just go to www.twitter.com/search


start searching for contests & good luck

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Find Current Giveaways

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