making money on the popular tik tok video app (musical ly)

What's tiktok platform?

For those who don't know the Tik tok app, it is a social platform where people share and watch short live videos (less than 20 seconds).
 Users filming themselves with Tik tok app, and add popular music and some filters to these videos. ( over than 100 filters).

Tiktok is now one of the most popular applications, more than 85 million users around the world are currently using Tik tok.

does tiktok pay you (creators) ?

1. make money on youtube using Tik tok app.

So basically all that you have to do is, take your Tik tok videos or other users videos, merged and make good compilations then share it on youtube platform.


This man creates a new youtube channel and shares tik tok videos and makes Hundreds of dollars per month With Doing Absolutely nothing.
zuko Memes "owner" create this channel in 2018 and is achieving huge views,

most of his videos among 20,000 to 1,000,000 views.

So don't worry about youtube views, A large number of people are looking for these kinds of videos, just organize your youtube channel.

Of course, these videos are not owned by this person, but he make a compilation of them in a professional way and publishes them on YouTube.

This is an awesome way you can use it to make money from home with tik tok video on youtube easily.

You can make easy money online from Tik Tok just Advertising For a company on your videos, This is a great way, many Tik tok users use it,
They are making very big sums just with advertising. ( also on Instagram and musical ly).

After a few days, you grow the number of your followers, then search for advertisers who want to advertise on the Tiktok platform ( and they're everywhere ),

In return and Depending on the type of advertisers, you will gain money or beautiful gifts of your choice.

The nice thing that when you have a lot of followers, They will come to you, You will not need to search for them..

just keep going and grow you Tiktok fans (musically).

How Can I Get More Followers On Tik Tok (Tips)?

  • Find your audience and determine it.
  • Take care of people (fan).
  • Promote Your Self On Social Media.
  • Be YourSelf.
  • Make Your Videos Professional.
  • You must use trending hashtags.

 Grow Your Followers = getting more Advertisers = earn income 

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